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FAV EDITING APPS - you're welcome x

What a time to be alive! What did we do without mobile phones and the internet?

Made scrapbooks probably..

Our phones allow us a world of opportunity. There is literally a career where you share your life online and get paid to do so!!! #influencer

To build an Instagram following, filtering your pics and editing your videos is almost essential. Or maybe you just like an aesthetically pleasing feed - either way, this blog post is for you.

I've put together a list of my current favourite apps (in no particular order) for editing photos, videos and Instagram stories. If you're not using them already, your gram game will thank you!

App 1: VSCO

Cost: free for limited presets. Membership costs $2.92/month for access to more presets.

This app is basically the OG of filters. Its really easy to use - tap the + symbol, add your photo then choose a preset (filter). You can also make further adjustments of the contrast, clarity, saturation etc. My favourite is the grain tool, try it!

App 2: Unfold

Cost: free with in-app purchases.

This app has a bunch of pre made layouts for Instagram stories - all you have to do is choose one and add your photos (which I usually edit beforehand - via VSCO or Lightroom). You can then make some adjustments to the background colour, text, font and then wham bam you look like an Instagram pro.

App 3: Facetune2

Cost: free for basic features. Unlimited access costs $9.49/month, $36.99/half year or $55.99/year.

Now this is an interesting one. This is basically like photoshop in magazines but of the Instagram world. You really have to be careful with this one. Keep it simple and don't be someone you're not. I've used this app for some really cool edits - see below for an example.

The power of the Brow - created using the Facetune2 app

Desi Perkins has a cool video demonstrating how she uses this app, you can check it out here:

App 4: InShot

Cost: free with limited access. InShot Pro costs $4.99/month or $19.99/year.

This has to be in my top three favourites. I use this app to edit all of my videos - cut parts out, speed parts up, add music, change the size of the frame, add a background, the list goes on and on and on... It's so easy to use and you can get really creative with it. Have fun, I know you will!

App 5: Lightroom

Cost: free. Subscription for access to all features costs $7.99/month. Presets are sold separately or you can make your own. I bought the 'Essential Pack' from @doyoutravel - available here:

I've only recently stumbled across Lightroom but this is definitely my new go to app for presets/filters. It's easy to use once you get the hang of it but honestly I don't know what to say other than it just makes your photos look damn good. Give it a go and see for yourself.

There are plenty of Presets available out there, you could also check out these talented kiwi gals who have made their own for you to purchase:



App 6: Typorama

Cost: free. In-app upgrades.

This I barely use. BUT it's more because it's not the type of content I use often, not because it's not a bomb app!! It's not for everyone but it can create some pretty amazing content especially for businesses. Basically this is how you make your own memes, quotes, posters etc.

App 7: Filmm

Cost: free with in app purchases.

This is also a new find! A fun, simple app to add different effects and filters to videos. It doesn't have as many features as InShot but it has effects InShot doesn't. I swap between the two depending on the look I want.

App 8: HUJI

Cost: free

Ever wondered how to get that old film look on your photos? Well this is the camera you want to use. There's only one thing that bothers me about this app - if you tap on the camera sometimes it expands, sometimes it doesn't. It's great when it works but when it doesn't, you have to take a photo almost blind. You can also import existing photos from your gallery.

App 9: kirakira+

Cost: nothing! zip. zada. zero. zilch.

No explanation needed ✨✨✨

And that's all for today foooooolks. Can't wait to see your creations!!


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