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Why you should never follow a brow trend

If brows could 1. speak and 2. say something profound, I'm sure they'd say something like this: "To control our future, you'll need to know our past."


Would you believe it if I told you that humans have been filling in their brows since Ancient Egyptian times? Both men and women used carbon and black oxide substances to make their brows more prominent. Bet you thought bold brows were a new trend.

I can just hear Cleopatra's voice đź’­ "nah uh sweetie"

(1) The ancient Greeks and Romans believed a uni-brow was a sign of intelligence.

(2) In the Medieval Ages a large forehead was considered desirable so almost non-existent brows were common.

(3) In the 1920's, a sad girl was a beautiful girl so brows were tweezed heavily in the centre and dragged down past the outer corner of the eye with makeup.

(4) Then came the 1930's where the thin brow transitioned from sad to surprised.

(5) 20 years later and brows took quite a leap. Literally. Highly arched thick brows are in, McDonalds arches are out.

My point is that brows have gone through a rollercoaster of trends throughout the years. And with some of them, you're lying if you didn't think "what the bloody hell?"

Different shapes, sizes and colours can all be beautiful. When a brow is forced, too exaggerated and poorly executed, that's never great. But when a brows natural shape is enhanced to compliment the individuals face regardless of trends that's another story!

Take Brooke Shields for example. She has these big fluffy, naturally uneven brows and they're amazing. She's always rocked her natural brow and defied trends (especially the 90s thank god!) and because of it, she's still got her gorgeous brows today. Unlike Pamela Anderson. She chose to follow the 90s brow trend and took her brows pencil thin and because of it, she's stuck with the same brows today.


Brows are sensitive and temperamental - basically they don't always grow back the same. One bad brow appointment and you could be Pamela Anderson 2.0

We all know history loves to repeat itself so here's some examples of why hacking away at your brows (or getting a drastic brow tattoo!!!) to suit a trend should never be done and proof that a natural brow is always the clear winner!

If you're a victim of the 90's brow - it's important you know that it's never too late! If your brows were taken too thin and they won't grow back, you still have a few options.

Option #1: Try a growth serum. The results are completely dependant on consistent use and whats happening under your skin. If you have too much scar tissue in the follicle or the follicle is pulled too far from its blood supply (due to over tweezing), unfortunately the damage may be too far gone.

Li Brow, from $119

RevitaBrow, from $89

Option #2: Get a semi-permanent brow tattoo (microblading/microfeathering).

I encourage you to really do your research beforehand and start saving. The saying "you get what you pay for" almost always applies to brow tattooing.

Microblading has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple years and although it is a great option, it's not for everyone. It is a semi-permanent tattoo but for some people it can take YEAAARS to fully disappear. It's important to find a brow tattooist that understands the importance of gaps in a brow, a soft shape and natural colour tone/depth!!!

See @kristiestreicher on Instagram for inspo!

MicroFeathering by Kristie Streicher

Option #3: Learn how to fill your brows with Makeup. If you're ever going to follow a trend - do it with makeup!!! IT WASHES OFF. And remember, practice makes perfect! My favourite product to use is the Brow Food Ultra Fine Brow Pencil (available upon request or appointment). Otherwise Anastasia Beverly Hills found in Mecca Maxima stores have a great selection of pencils, powders, pomades and gels.

If you're unsure about what to do with your hairy caterpillars, feel free to send me a direct message or book in for an appointment via www.tylerdrader.com

Hope to see you soon,

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